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2020 Winner

Kasey Pierce

Nominated by: COMICS PRO


Works By This Creator:

Photo of Kasey Pierce accepting her award

Verbatim Comments from Nomination

  • "Aside from her obvious talent as a writer and creator, Kasey is a tireless force of encouragement and positivity in our community. As part of Source Point Press, I have watched her selflessly advocate for and promote many up and coming creators and provide an excellent example of what a hard work ethic looks like. I also respect the way she carries herself because this industry doesn’t have enough females in it as it is, and I see her as a positive role model to level that imbalance and give new female voices the message, 'you can do this.'

On a more personal note, the way she openly shares her fight against MS with all the ups and downs that come along with it shows an egoless and human side that can be hard to find sometimes in this industry. She was the first person I went to for help when my sister got her diagnosis, and was the first person to give my sister advice and reassurance backed by a shared experience. I‘ve reached out to Kasey many times for perspective, but in this instance she truly was a bright light in a dark time. That’s just who she is, and for all of these reasons and more I nominate Kasey Pierce for the Gary Reed Independent Creator of the Year Award.”

Photo of Kasey Pierce
Cover image of Kasey Pierce's book Seeress
  • "Kasey is a tremendous talent always supporting other creators and pushing not only her own work but there’s too. She has been instrumental in the progress of Source Point Press as a publisher.”

  • “She has a style that is all her own and with writing that grabs you in from the beginning. Her book Norah had me wanting to keep knowing what was going to happen next. She is ever evolving and deserves to recognition for her hard work. Besides her writer side she is such an advocate for all creators! She supports, pushes and mentors up and coming, currently in it and more. She wants to help and see others succeed and it’s inspiring."

  • “She the hardest working person in indie comics.”

  • “There is literally nobody quite like Kasey in comics, or for that matter, the world. You would be hard pressed to find someone imbued with as much talent as she, who also finds the time and energy to help, and guide, and support so many others to follow their dreams in comics, while living her own!
    Kasey is a writer without peer, and yet she will stop at nothing to lend her time, talents, expertise, and support to you in the fostering of your own talents. Her work and talent continue to grow exponentially while she dedicates so much of her focus to helping others reach the same heights.

Photo of two issues of Kasey's Pierces comic Norah
Photo of Kasey Pierce with a stack of her book Pieces of Madness

Personally, I owe Kasey a great deal. Not only did she write a powerful, heartfelt, and stunning forward to my first book, she has helped my brand new adventure into this industry at every turn. She was one of the first friendly faces on day one, the first with sound and sage advice every time it was needed (and often when I was not aware I needed it), and the first to talk me off ledges and into a space where I could be successful.

There is nobody who does more, gives more, and IS more than Kasey. There is only ONE Kasey Pierce, and she epitomizes this award!“

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