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2023 Winner

Doug Wood


Works By This Creator:

Ultramax, Big Hype 1 & 2


Verbatim Comments from Nomination

  • “Doug is one of the most supportive creators in the indie space and has created opportunities for dozens of new and upcoming comics creators. Through his publication, Jumpstart Comics, he has published three 300+ page anthologies called Project: Big Hype that has been many peoples, myself included, first foray into being published. In addition, he is constantly sharing and supporting other creator’s Kickstarter campaigns. Due to his health, he may no longer be able to participate in comics making but his impact on this scene should be honored.”

  • “Doug recently stepped away from comics for medical reasons, after years of lively collaboration and support with fellow creator. Doug truly made the indie comics industry better, with bold ideas that always sought to include more, and tell the most exciting stories.”

  • “Doug is a publisher, writer, and creator who actively seeks to collaborate with other comics makers and to advocate for them publicly. He helped speak out against Action Lab's predatory practices with contracts and non-released books, and his PROJECT: Big Hype anthologies gave newer indie talent a chance to be seen alongside stories from more established pros. Doug did all of this despite being a medically-disabled veteran, and his recent health needs have caused him to step back from active comics-making. We'd like to honor Doug for his work in making North American indie comics a friendlier and vibrant place to work, publish, crowdfund, and make friends.”

  • “They have been an ever present supporter and promoter for indie comics for years. Gave opportunities to many people around him and helped anyone who needed it. A consummate professional who unfortunately has had his career cut short due to health reasons and deserves some recognition.”

  • “I've been following Doug's work for some time and each of his stories was an incredible read. Plus, the amount of people he gave a publishing opportunity with his anthology Big Hype is huge!”

  • “Doug Wood has been an exceptional kind and generous creator in the indie comics scene. In addition to always being available to provide his time and insight when needed, he created Project Big Hype a comics anthology that allows the possibility for new, young comics talent to be published alongside more established veterans. He’s a great person who deserves the recognition for the work he does in our community. “

  • “He’s a great writer feeling let down by a difficult industry and a traumatic brain injury that may make him stop making comics. That would be a true tragedy. Hoping for the best for Doug & continues to make comics.”

  • “Doug Wood is one of the kindest comic book creators I've ever known. I got to interview him on Not Near Mint a while back and loved speaking to him. On Twitter he became a friend. I saw him spread so much positivity in the comic community by sharing upcoming projects from new indie creators and insuring comics were accessible to the disability community. Being disabled myself, it has been great to have him to look up to. Though I've left Twitter, I've heard that he has had to quit comics due to his disabilities worsening - and that's truly a tragic loss for comics. I think this award would be a great way to show Doug how loved, appreciated, and missed he is.”

  • “Doug wood was a voice the indie community needed. As a disabled veteran he championed for those who were different and gave them a voice in his compendium anthology. Doug has currently left the community due to illness and I hope nominating him will shine a light on his great work.”

  • “Asking with excellent work, Doug has given lift to many other indie creators.”

  • “Doug has published 2 amazing anthologies spotlighting independent creators with Big Hype Vols 1&2. After Leap M was published by Action Lab, he went public on twitter calling out the company’s lack of transparency toward him and his co-creator, and that he never received any money from sold issues as he was promised. He then was interviewed by Bleeding Cool to bring further attention to the company’s unfair policies, and as such was one of the major creators bringing these practices out of the whisper network and into the light. As a disabled veteran, Doug could not receive any income from any of his comic projects, and instead made sure all of his co creators as well as colorists and letterers were paid a fair rate and on time. No one I know in these last few years has done more for the independent comics community than Doug, and I am proud to have worked with him and call him friend.”

  • “Doug accepted my pitch for his third comics anthology and even ended up as my editor (even though he already had way too much on his plate) when my assigned editor left the project. Just getting a pitch accepted was a huge boost for my confidence, which helped me through a rough patch. Would not still be doing my webcomic if it hadn't been for him.”

  • “Doug went out of his way over the past few years to uplift small creators and provide them with a publishing opportunity along side reputable peers. The Big Hype books were well designed and packed with a high quality stories. His fundraising efforts were earnest and it is my belief that the indie community owes him a form of support and recognition for the energy he brought to the table. “

  • “Doug and I worked together on our first OGN, "UltraMax", which was published by Source Point Press. Doug is a veteran, dealing with disabilities due to a TBI. Despite this, he was tirelessly championed indie comics creators, supported and pushed their work publicly, and constantly strived to bring the comics community together. “

  • “Doug is a hardworking comic creator and a good friend. The fact that he was able to create 3 volumes for Ultramax while working through a disability proves his level of dedication and discipline in the comic arts. Though he is now on medical leave from doing comic work, I can think of no one else who deserves this award more. “

  • “He's a great writer and a pillar of the comic community. He's helped so many creators on his own and via the Project Big Hype anthology. When I first started broke into indie comics, Doug was and still is a friend I look up to, someone who made time to help his peers in various ways, from peer reviewing to just listening. Once, the power went out in my neighborhood and my team and I were close to deadline for a story, and with the little bit of power I had on my device, I managed to get word to Doug to do us a favor. He's exactly what indie comics needs - solid talent, community-minded, hard working, and empathetic. Doug's about to put a yaoi romance novel about pro wrestling. I'm so grateful to this man. “

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